Mr. President, we the undersigned, stand in complete support of your leadership on Iran:

Iran is a danger to us, to our allies, to freedom.  It oppresses its own citizens, with whom neither we nor you have any quarrel; it exports an extremist Islamist ideology which makes it a particular threat to the Middle East Region.

An Islamist and revolutionary regime, such as the one that controls Tehran today, must never be allowed to possess a nuclear option - not a bomb, not a path to a bomb, not a nuclear program with the slightest doubt of its extent and military applications.

Prior to the signing of the deal we warned that it would pave the way to a nuclear Iran, and we are warning again now that this deal -as it stands- is heading to a nuclear armed Iran that is intolerable for our shared interests. The JCPOA has allowed Iran to keep its nuclear infrastructure intact and carry out advanced nuclear R&D. It is backed by a totally insufficient inspection and verification regime.  The sunset clause merely postpones the danger rather than preventing it since it is set to expire in a few short years.

We also warned about the consequences of emboldening Iran.  None of the promises that supporters of the deal made have proven correct. Iran’s regime has used this time to upgrade its long-range ballistic missile program and expand its violence against the people of Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon while heading the list of state-sponsors of terrorism. Tehran keeps funding and supporting terrorist proxies such as Hizballah and Hamas. The regime is not moderating, as the world witnessed during the renewed protests by Iran’s oppressed citizens at the end of 2017 which are still ongoing and are heavily repressed by the regime.

We stand alongside you in ending the dangerous appeasement of Iran and taking all and any action required to stop Iran going nuclear, help its people, halt its spreading of terror and achieve peace and stability in the Middle East and among all peoples and nations.

Hon. Stephen Harper, former Prime Minister of Canada
Hon. John Howard, former Prime Minister of Australia
Hon. Lord David William Trimble, former PM of Northern Ireland. Nobel Peace Prize in 1998
Mr. John Baird, former Foreign Minister of Canada
Mr. Uri Rosenthal, former Foreign Minister of Holland
Ambassador Giulio Terzi, former Foreign Minister of Italy
Mr. Carlos Bustelo, Former Industry Minister of Spain
Professor Andrew Roberts, British historian and writer
Mr. Richard Kemp, Colonel (R.) British Army
Mr. Allen B. West, Lieutenant Colonel (R.). Member of 112th US Congress
Mr. Roberto F. Agostinelli, Managing Director at Rhône Group, Rhone Capital
Mr. Rafael L. Bardají, Director at World Wide Strategy